Where our default lies.

You find yourself feeling one emotion over other emotions but do not realize you cannot feel all of them. Some days you cannot feel any of them. What once brought you joy, is now met with indifference. These are not just the higher frequency emotions like love, happiness, joy and excitement just to name a few. These could also mean the lower frequency emotions like sadness, hatred, fear and jealousy, again, just to name a few. We are bombarded constantly by things that affect our emotional state. This is done through all of our senses but known more via our sense of sight.

I have heard sayings that we become what we think. At first this statement resonates as truth. This is how I first perceived this particular thought process. But, over the years I have come to find that what we really become is in our actions. Thinking is a matter of the brain.

A matter that can be easily manipulated by things like trauma and disease. We can think of things all day long but it’s action via manifestation that makes the difference. Trauma can have me thinking the most horrible things are going to happen. Anxiety can build and build until the feeling of a pressure cooker builds up inside. If you sit with it “thinking” it just continues to build. But, if you are able to “work through it” change happens. Releasing the energy by little actions and manifestations, allows to you over come.

Our actions can be trained to work as efficiently as a pitcher’s arm or a dancer’s feet. The great thing about action is that it is observable. It can be observed and repeated. When we start to change our default, it can be physically, emotionally and psychologically brutal. Everything seems less cohesive. But, just like when you learned to throw a ball by starting with your target closer and spacing it out as you strengthen your abilities, the same can be said for changing our defaults. You start little by acknowledging that there is something holding you back. You spend some time with it identifying the best course of action. Asking for guidance when you are stuck and continuing towards your goal. Recognizing that not everyone is going to be on board with your choice.

There might even be people that are dead set on preventing you from continuing. When these people are the ones we love like relatives and friends, we immediately believe, as we are taught to, that they are right. But, what if they aren’t? What if they are only doing as they have always done? Only you know because you feel it. You see that there is an alternative. It doesn’t make you a sell out or something that is “faking who they are.” It means you want something different. You want a different outcome. You want a different life.

It can be difficult to make said changes in your current environment but work with what you have and love the idea that you are worth it so much that you stick to your own plan. When you put it out to the higher powers that be that you are in need, the right people, places and things will find you. It is OK to reach out and into darkness with fear not knowing what you are going to find. It’s OK to question everything that has created the version of you that you currently are aware of. It’s OK to wait. It’s OK to wonder. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to question. It’s OK to be completely and utterly OK with who you are entirely. Where our default lies to us is when we are not being OK to ourselves and others.

When we push our anger on to others. When we push our ideas on to others. When we push ourselves onto others. That means our default needs addressed and the consequences stemming from here are OUR OWN FAULT. Once you know what you know, then it is your responsibility to address it. You may not know how to fix it but you know not to continue on.

Resources come in so many ways. The mobility of social media and internet access far outweighs any other means of communication. Your resources are literally in the palm of your hand. Better yet, with that you are capable and able to request information to be sent to text and email. You have the power to execute change. You are not alone, find the resources that align with what you know feels right.

Village Keep gives the ability to network and ask for directions without judging the destination.