Traditions & Rituals

My Jewish and Christian friends are coming up on Easter and I am seeing quite a few posts on how this pandemic is going to prevent people from continuing traditions etc. I couldn’t disagree more. During this time it does not make you a more devout person to expose yourself, your family or committee by trying to “keep to tradition.”

What we create and establish in traditions and rituals do not stem from the objects that we utilize to display we are practicing our traditions and rituals. The tradition is alive in us. It is alive and cycled in the moments shared or spent alone depending upon what you are celebrating. We are the vehicles and vessels to which our celebration manifests. We truly do not need material things and objects to prove how devout we are to who we believe in. We need to believe, period.

We need to invest in that which we believe in its entirety via body, mind, and spirit. It’s in our actions towards ourselves and others. It’s in our words towards ourselves and others. It is not in grocery store purchases or the like. Ther person who can afford the text of scripture is no more devout than the person who has to get it second hand. I would sit with the person who has had to memorize the scripture because they are far more likely to be living what they read.