The Know: Vol #21

We are in the middle of a pandemic. We, this time in history means the whole world. Most folks have, and I say this with confidence have sat back at other parts of the world thinking, “that will never happen here.” I say with more confidence, I told you so. I am an old soul. I know better. Now, more than ever, I am realizing the complexities of having my gifts and insight. I have been spiritually prepping for this for most of my life in some capacity. I always knew when to do what I was being driven to do, without question. I understood that it was for the long haul. Even moving to Minnesota which is what ultimately landed me in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I know that a lot of folks might come across this and think in their sheltered ignorance that I am bat shit crazy while others will understand throughout the time they have known me that I am far from such.

I have been having premonitions as long as I have been dreaming. I dream every night and even when I nap. Over the years I have tried to keep as many journals as I can. They are documents of validation not just keepsakes of moments and memories. They started becoming a way to hone in on my 6th senses and learn how to use them better.

To say I knew this pandemic was coming is a bit smug but also carries some truth. To understand how serious I am taking what is happening I have only left my house once since the 14th of March. That involved an emergency trip to the vet in La Crescent, Minnesota because Stink (Roxy, Beagle) ate a chunk of onion. Not only can onions kill a dog really quick she also had an allergic reaction to doing so. Her face was so swollen it drooped like a Bassett hound, not a Beagle face. I have an autoimmune disorder and in the past 6-8 months, I have had multiple lung-related illnesses. I don’t smoke.

One of the first things was pneumonia without knowing the cause. It took me a while to get over it. I was on an inhaler and steroids. Then, later on, I ended up with pleurisy. I ended up needing an in-office breathing treatment with a nebulizer. When I started learning that this particular virus was lung-related it made me really nervous. I have been in self-quarantine since the 14th. I have left long enough to take Rox to the ER Vet in La Crescent and I have been on two walks and two car rides.

I trust my insight. It is like a guiding beacon that really boils down to protecting me. On March 18th I had a premonition that in 8-10 “a commotion will take place socially and cause further unrest” Please note I even write such things down with the hand of a skeptic. I have to. I have to stay as neutral as possible for my own sake. I KNOW HOW THIS SOUNDS. I ignored it for years and pushed it away.

The more I started documenting and fact-finding the harder it was to ignore. The biggest question I had about it all was why? Do I get to change an outcome? What are the rules? Who’s in charge? Can I win the lotto? Over time I had learned some lessons the hard way and sometimes things came easy. (Those examples are better left for writing a book about.) So, where is this leading?

For the naysayers that still believe this is all a conspiracy theory, it’s not. History has had instances of mass hysteria from the Dancing Plague of Strasborg, modern day France in 1518, the Salem Witch Trials, and modern Sri Lanka experiencing a mass epidemic of medical abnormalities that could not be diagnosed in 2012. I am not 100% on board on HOW it came about but none-the-less it is here.

If we continue to operate from our egos this pandemic will be strung out much longer than it needs to be. People are bickering about not having access to tests. My question is where ya going? What is so important that you are willing to sacrifice your health and anyone else you come into contact with? Let me help, nothing.

We are being forced to slow down. We are being forced to take notice. We are being forced to sit with ourselves and that will be what kills more people than the virus itself. We are not prepared for anything that affects us for more than 24 hours. Not financially, medically, physically, emotionally or independently able. I am partially in this boat.

The biggest difference is that I gave up my oars a long time ago and invested in an electric motor. This means that instead of just taking what was given to me because that’s the way its always been done, I did some research. I explored and ventured out. I asked questions, I observed others and I manifested what worked for me. This same exact formula can be utilized right now. What is being said? Who is saying it? Is it founded? Does it seem applicable? This is the very reason that neutral sources of information that put critical thinking and fact-finding at its forefront are so important to have in society.

If you don’t know how to cook and rely heavily on restaurants, teach yourself one meal you can cook for yourself. If you aren’t sure on the school material your kids are bringing home, request a meeting with a teacher. If you are worried about your ability to practice your religion or spiritual path, remember you are the vehicle and the location of worship is just the garage.

I am hoping by sharing that we redirect the energy and force that this pandemic is moving socially. I understood the progress as 3 waves of change. First, was understanding that this was in fact an issue and spreading. The second wave, is right now when we either make the right decision or not. This started being in full force when entire states and cities like NY, LA and LV started shutting down. There are some isolated cases of social unrest like looting and hoarding but overall it’s not enough to initiate military involvement. The third wave will happen by not taking this seriously and ignoring the protocol. This will lead to martial law style involvement with stricter movement and rights. This is foreseen around May. I want to believe that this is all avoidable if we do the right thing. However, we are not in charge of the decision and influence of our current administration.

I just read today that against advisement our President is considering lifting bans etc and there are governmental officials agreeing to “getting back to living.” These decisions will either make the 2nd wave a ripple or a tidal wave. Only time will tell. The 26th will be the 8th day from the first premonition. As much as I don’t want to get overwhelmed by the media I will be paying a little more attention to what ends up happening.