The Know Vol #20

I have been off Facebook for over a month now and I must say it’s invigorating. A lot has happened and changed since fall and going into retirement and hibernation for the winter. I have not worked on a client for months nor have a received much work myself. Until February 14th I had been actively working at a not for profit as a Diversity focused resource advocate assisting domestic and sexual assault survivors. I will not get into details at the moment as my termination is under review by the board of the not for profit.

I miss working with clients. Even so, I realize that I need to still take a step back and let go of some of the responsibilities of running my own practice. It’s a lot of work and energy and right now my body is revolting. I will find out March 2nd more about the abnormalities that showed up on MRI. By definition and symptoms, it appears to be MS or something that has progressed. I have a confirmation that I must have a full right knee replacement. Unfortunately, I have to drop almost 50 pounds to be surgery ready. I am eligible for bariatric surgery to ensure long term goals but my insurance will not cover the procedure. I am actively doing “Burn Bootcamp” with my wife and watching our portions and caloric intake. The trainers at my location are amazing and I feel completely supported and listened to.

I will graduate in April with my Associates in Criminal Justice and I will be attending UW-Platteville online to complete a Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice. I am in the final stages of becoming a Licensed Private Detective in the state of Wisconsin. I will also be a licensed agency with the ability to conceal and carry while on duty. My future goal is to help with Cold Cases and Missing Person Cases.

I have recently been added to the board of the 7 Rivers GLBTQI+ Center in La Crosse and am looking at partnering with a local spa to train and build its massage services.

I know that I am in a good space and place. I have to remember that when things feel heavy. When I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle. When I turn and expect certain people to be there that can’t or won’t. I must continue on. Because that is what warriors do.