On this side

Ahead of a storm, words, and lies

Staying out front, ride or dies

Promises broken, fences mended

Scraped hearts, knees, a cicadas chorus

Lost girl, wrong side of the tracks

back to back moments, memories a fury of emotions

lost in the moment, a decade to calm, edge of the sword

out righting wrongs.

Better on the side of the crowd, words lost in translation,

when life is loud.

I knew you better than you knew yourself

failed this worse than a driver tests

taken from the passenger side

I ignore all the hate and lies

I walked you to your demons and stood in between

as they slayed me to the ground

lean from all that was given, emaciated from a hurtful love

You needed a knife, I returned all the ones you already used

laughing on social media like this isn’t abuse

why stay, I knew, I know, I needed to know what and why

You were an echo that found it’s way back, a boomerang of lies

wrapped in ancestral trauma and pictures that looked like home

Current mood, misunderstood, a river deep and bluff’s steep

access to healing that I couldn’t touch

denied but,

I know who I am, where I am going and I am loved unconditionally here,

on the other side.