Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease

I got in recently with my Rheumatologist. She is confident that at the moment, though I am showing elevated levels of inflammation, I do not have Lupus. Phew! Now, if you were a fly on the wall and watched my reaction to her stating so, it would appear that I am looking to be diagnosed. What I am looking for are solid, physiological answers. The kind that you can track. I want to know thy enemy. I have to cut out soda/pop completely. No cheats. Shit. However, I can continue to drink coffee, YES!!!! However, the way I like to drown my coffee in cream and sugar is probably leading to other issues of their own. The thing is this, I do have Hashimoto’s that in itself is significant. The thyroid is the Grand Central Station of the body. Thyroid issues are a generational issue for the women in my family. My numbers TSH and T4 numbers are “within range” but on the high ends. For a non medical novice this would seem ideal except what would the numbers be if the Levothyroxin I am taking were not present? So even on the meds I am hovering on the high end of the spectrum.

I would consider my research into this diagnoses in depth yet I found one article that has information that I had not recalled reading before. Here is a direct link to the article that I will be discussing further https://medium.com/boosted/which-stage-of-hashimotos-are-you-in-14dfbefea1ae

We are all different, and many of the triggers of flare ups that you experience, the majority of others might not. Luckily, there are some common triggers that might help you on your path to health. According to our research:

Wheat (including gluten) causes problems to 7 in 10 people
Dairy (milk, yogurt) causes problems to 5 in 10 people
Soy causes problems to 3 in 10 people
Alcohol causes problems to 3 in 10 people


That little paragraph now sums up ALL of the issue I have been to the doctors about over the last 6 months, ALL OF THEM. Leaky gut is a symptom of progressed Hashimotos. I have been tested for GLUTEN issues, DAIRY issues, SOY issues and I cannot drink any type of Alcohol without a reaction.

I am happy to have found the information but more frustrated that I have been seen by doctors from every department that would be diagnosing and dealing with issues related to these areas mentioned. So, now what?

Now, I know thy enemy. I have been experiencing Hashi flare ups and not realizing that they are focus around food and consumption. I have heard things from scientists to nurses that there is no such thing as an intolerance to something. I have argued, respectfully, that there has to be. I would describe moments where it felt like my body was collecting then dumping or collecting then malfunctioning. Like I had too much of something and tipped the scales and not in my favor. Then my body would catch up with itself and overreact.

I now understand that some days I can have things on the list and some days I cannot. So from now on I just have to not. There is not a gauge to say how much, when or what time. I only know how I feel and that is something I cannot show others.

I am choosing that this is accurate because it is well researched and it feels right. What I will continue to navigate is advocating for yourself. Correct anyone that speaks towards you erroneous information in regard to your body, mind and spirit.