Duck Medicine

Though grainy, the pic shows a mating pair by my bird feeders. I live in the city on the South side of La Crosse, WI.

For over a month now I have been constantly visited by ducks. This may not seem like an enigma until you take in the totality of duck’s visit. I do live in La Crosse, WI where I am banked by the mighty Mississippi and driftless bluffs. We have water fowl aplenty, but my home is located in the city. The south side specifically. When I spoke with my neighbor whom has resided here for twenty or so years she said she has never seen water fowl in her yard.

This morning while drinking my shamanic elixir of life, er coffee, a random thought infiltrated my mind, “no bird food.” While at my stove prepping the onion going into my breakfast hash, I peer out to my feeders and a mallard is staring back at me. Though there is seed in the feeder she cannot get to that. She benefits from the fact that I pour a significant amount of seed onto the ground when filling. I grabbed my phone and open the back door. I turn the corner to locate her and she is walking my way. Her waddle is curious but casual. She is here to barter knowledge for food.

Last week, there was a mating pair that showed up at my feeders as well. The drake kept an eye out while the mallard foraged for food. They both strolled casually through my yard. The mallard on another day was so comfortable, even with Rox on the premises, that she settled down into the grass for a rest.

Ducks come to us for many reasons. Their attributes include the ability to navigate different realms spirit (air), water (healing) and earth (ground). Even their colors can assist in directing. If a drake is interacting with you, this energy exchange could be guiding you to be more observant and focus on the “green” attributes of yourself. What are you stuck in that needs new growth? A white duck would be about focusing on “purity” in a sense it’s asking are you not being honest and authentic with yourself and others. The brown of the mallards that keep coming back signify my need to ground and embrace for change but to take this changes with a new level of fluidity that I have yet to experience.

I got to thinking about the message of the duck. I have watched them navigate treacherous waves in lakes and ponds with ease. They trust their “tools.” They trust that they are structured and built exactly the way they need to be in order to survive where they need to go. I too have to remember that I am built to survive.

I am currently experiencing some medical melees that are no fun. There is a very big possibility that I have yet another autoimmune disorder. On the 29th I am going for a follow up to Rheumatology after doing yet another round of blood work and tests. Right now the levels of inflammation presented in my body is high and again the symptoms are lining up towards Lupus. I do not want to spiral down the “how bad Hashimotos and Lupus together will be” but that is a real part of all of this. I need to recognize the only true change will be in knowing the name of my enemy. With autoimmune disorders the enemy is me.

The ducks coming make me realize that no matter what I have to be able to, with confidence, navigate my surroundings. That I have to be observant and mindful. This goes beyond making the most out of a situation. For example, if the duck couple decides to nest in my yard, they are miles and miles away from a river source for the babies to get access to. I would like to believe that on some cosmic universal plane they understand that I would assist in this dilemma once it was presented. I would certainly call local wildlife and have the family relocated and that it may take a village to see them on their way.

Just like it may take a village to see me on my way as well.