Damselflies & Dragonflies

Summer Solstice is June 21st yet these lovelies are kicking summer off early. I woke to two Dragonflies clinging to my screen door. But, let me back up a minute. I was sleeping soundly after Tracy went to work this morning and Rox decided she needs to go outside. She is nudging me, sighing and snorting. Her efforts are relentless. I wake up disconnect my mask for my sleep apnea and stumble towards the back door. As I open the door to the outside I immediately feel a “hello.” I one eye squint trying to focus on our guests. I slowly open the door and let Rox out. I talk to them a moment and think they are Damselflies. I come back in use the rest room and head to check on Rox (whom I cannot locate at the moment.) I panic a bit and open the door even further and there she is stuck in my garden! I sound like a loon, belting out, “Get out of my damn garden, Stink!” The Dragonflies cling to the door as I come out to remove her from the garden. As I turn I notice another one, then another. They are crawling u from the grass. They are stuck to the side of the house. A couple were being consumed by ants. There wings heavy with dew as they tried to release their bondage’s. I rescue one from a spiders web and placed in on a piece of furniture. I count at least 10 that are sunning their wings. As I walk in the grass more hover and fly off. I at first thought they were Damselflies. I now believe they are Kennedy’s Emerald Dragonflies. How they found their way to my yard is only a theory but it definitely believe it has something to do with not cleaning out my gutters. So, what does this visit mean on a spiritual level? What medicine does the Fairy Dragon bring?

Dragonfly is a symbol of direction and purpose. It’s about navigating your course even when it’s changing right in front of you. Some power words include: Change, Connection to Dragon, Connection to Fairies, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Mastering life, Power of Light, Power to escape, Breaking illusions and Seeing invisible truth.

Dragonfly is here to remind me that I am wickedly adaptable. That even if the road, path or direction falters, I still know my way. That up, down, left or right are simply suggestions but forward progression is the end goal. Dragonfly is about challenging oneself and how to overcome the stagnation that ego loves to thrive in. It’s about advantage points and perspective. More so it’s about the direct connection to spirit world. It is not uncommon for me to hear from a client that I have been working with directly or indirectly, send a notification of confirmation. It usually reads, ” You were right…….” I am grateful for the validation. This feedback allows for me to hone in on my gifts and fine tune them. It is work and there is training. From Native Americans to the Celts the Dragonfly holds great power and meaning as they are “Natures Shapeshifters.”