Calling back your energy & finding your power.

Recently I have had more people approach me asking my advice on materials they can read to get a better understanding of what they are experiencing involving their extra sensory perspective. My path has been a rough one that has had many pitfalls and just as many elated experiences. I started navigating into what would be called the Occult in the mid nineties. While most in my age group were tying the occult into being alternative and edgy, I was starting to learn that somewhere under this umbrella term I would find some answers.

I would say growing up I was defiant but not rebellious. I see the difference of the two being, just doing something just to piss someone off and questioning the norms to point out the hypocrisy in following the flow blindly. This comparison can also bleed over to not trusting everything you read just because someone wrote it, including myself. I learned a lot about my abilities simply by being open to them. Still to this day I have scary moments. There has always been this level of secrecy for fear or persecution. One main factor that neatly puts this all together is that you have to know where you stand and what you believe first before you can start ascending and descending into other realms.

When I am learning and exploring something new I try to do as much research as I can with an open mind. I then take what feels right and resonates and put it to one side and then I take what doesn’t feel aligned and start focusing and identifying why? If you come across some materials that are relaying information that does not sit right with you this in an opportunity to dig a little deeper. On a personal note I have always had a huge issue with cherry picking scriptures our passages out of materials.

One thing I have always attempted to default back to is what is the totality of the materials expressing? If there is a catchy and gripping paragraph but the totality of the material is damaging then you must take that into account when retaining the knowledge for later. As much as we like to say, “One whole apple can ruin the bunch.” It is something that needs to be taken seriously. Most do not realize that with some spiritual and religious texts and content the most profound information that would absolutely contradict what you truly understand from a surface and superficial point of view, comes after many years of working exclusively with the text as a whole.

One example that I will share with as much depth as I have in the matter, which is not much, was when I learned about a branch of Buddhism where monks may have to take the life of a person. Now, when I read the few sentences stating this and nothing more I was immediately taken aback as this is not what we visualize or understand of such a “peaceful practicing religion.” If someone without training or mentoring found that book and took it simply from content, without context and the spirit of the practice into consideration, it would appear that killing someone is an acceptable solution to a problem.

An expert or advanced practicing person well versed in the language and the spirit of the content would be able to articulate the information better. This is why we cannot just take one avenue of thinking and build an entire metropolis without fact checking. There are consequences if a person continue to attempt to drive the wrong direction on a one way road. It may not happen immediately but the odds of continuing to do so are not in the drivers favor. Odds being what they are means that there are some folks who can continuously do all the things we are warned not to do without consequences or mishaps. The thing that needs to be remembered is that you cannot go backwards to go forward because you will only get as far as you were and you will never advance beyond that.

I can share things that worked for me and explain them in a step by step process like a recipe. The end product will still be different even if all the ingredients are the same. Apply this notion to the reproduction of people. If two things added together always equals the same output then offspring of the same parents should be exactly the same. We know this is not the case, because Science. But, Science cannot explain the idea of consciousness and that is where Spiritualism is born.

If you find an author to any material is that simply showing you directions but does not have the “receipts” showing their investments and putting in their own work be cautious. We have been programmed and hardwired to simply do as we are told by others without question. It is much easier to speak at what you would do differently from a comfortable seat that does not requiring engaging in the activity you are speaking towards. You become reputable when you put the work in.

One aspect I am currently working on is calling my energy back. Think of it this way, a ghost cannot go where death has not been. We leave physical and spiritual remnants everywhere we go. We are a society that loves CSI and all the cool effects that go along with those types of shows. This idea that we cannot easily hide our presence in places. There are techniques and experiments that can identify us from a single hair to a drop of blood. Those are tangible. Those are tangible items. So a machine is calibrated to built to be used as a tool for these types of incidents. These pieces of equipment can show you were fluids have been long after they have been cleaned. Humans are capable of doing the same thing with energy and emotions.

Is that feeling when you enter a room and know someone uninvited has been there. It’s that sense of not feeling comfortable around a person but not sure why. Kids and animals have this sense and animals keep it but kids, human, are told to ignore it and we lose it. However, there are times when it’s forced to fire like a reflex and that usually concerns trauma. If a persons physical boundaries are repeatedly violated or if one event is substantial enough a persons psyche can burst open.

So, how do we navigate this. I always start out with less is more. Start by acknowledging that you are in need of a regroup. It can be as simple as saying, ” I call back all that is mine.” You can make it a witty riddle, a poem or even less. It is your intent that matters most. That little voice can speak or roar like a lion. Just by interacting and acknowledging this insight you will learn to dial it up or down. No one can truly teach you that. Not even a book.