The logo for the Village Keep is a sigil or brand that was created by proprietor Lisa Balzer.

The base starts as 3 circles representing Body, Mind & Spirit. They connect to form the 4 corners representing the different nations of people and directions. The upright arrow represents strength crossed by a stave. Two crossed arrows represent friendship or peace. By crossing the stave and the arrow, it is indicating that Village Keep believes in the power of different cultural and spiritual beliefs. The circle towards the top of the arrow’s shaft represents the elements, specifically the element of iron. The two lines towards the end of the staves are Ogham. The shaft of the stave seconds as the base of the ancient Celtic language, the words are Oak & Herb. The idea of grounding, strength and plant medicine. The stave that the Ogham sits on is a hybrid of the Gapaldur which means success in combat and action.

Every part of it has symbolism that when put together creates a shield representing being a keeper, courage, power, being a warrior, friendship, love, compassion, elements, community, magic, and healing.

It is a badge for survivors.