Rates for 2018:



Sliding scale pay rate will be effective August 1. All NEW CLIENT appointments are $85 for 60 mins FOR THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: THERAPY, SHAMANIC AND SPIRITUAL CONSULTATIONS.


After, the first initial appointment all clients and customers are eligible for the sliding scale rates. (NEW CLIENT is defined as the individual not to be extended to family members or children)


 The following is the break down of rates and services. Please ensure that you select an option. Non selected defaults to standard rates.


Therapeutic Services:

Includes Energy, Massage Techniques, Stretching, General Balancing, Muscle Whispering (trademarked), Accupressure and Reflexology.


Shamanic Services:

Sessions are tailored to the client. There is a variety of different tools that are used. Examples are drumming, meditations, affirmation, spiritual journeying and some contact with tissue.

Spiritual Consultations:

In depth sessions using mediumship, intuitiveness, tarot, runes and pendulums.



Tarot or Runes:


****Any reasonable offer for services in relation to duration will not be denied.****