I did not find my calling until late in my thirties. I have always been the odd duck or as some would refer to as the black sheep. I truly find divinity in nature and the cosmos. I relate better to animals. I now understand that all those years standing outside looking in has gained me a very unique perspective into life. I am a empathic sensitive and medium. In so many words I am capable of walking between realms of the living and the transitioned. I can feels others pain and have a very unique way of “speaking” to tissue during a session. Please know that even though some may call me a mind reader I have a strong level of ethics and respect for my clients, friends and family. I take the old Polish saying, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys” to heart. I don’t pry. But, I will bring forth information that I feel the body, mind and spirit is holding on to. Yes, there are times where I am given access to information held sacred and I treat that information as such. I am honored and humbled by the rapport I have with my clients. I find humility everyday in the interactions I am blessed to be a part of. My work is not for everyone and it is not always pleasant. My work is therapeutic on many levels but as you are not a car and I not a mechanic, I cannot fix you. I incorporate oils and as well as music into my work. A part from the bodywork I also do tarot readings, shamanism, teach self exploration into spiritual self, guide people on a journey of reconnecting to those that have transitioned and assist with paranormal interventions.

This work is done with the understanding that I can no more tell your living mom to speak to you and the passed one may have nothing to say as well. In either realm there are no guarantees and be wiser to those that claim as much. I am still learning and more so I am human. I simply have gifts that I like to share with others. I look forward to working with you.