People are being bombarded with a lot of words in text boxes lately. I fear that we no longer hold capacity or desire to critically think through all that is being shoveled our way. People are being replaced by systems of operation that pound social media with all sorts of interesting information. I see it has trying to shovel sand out of a hole when the tide is rising. When we stop analyzing our surroundings and interacting with them as well, we lose our senses. We numb and dumb ourselves into compliance. I recently read an article stating that the two nominations for Trump towards the Nobel Peace Prize were forged. First, let’s explain the process per the article. There are groups of various folks that are eligible to nominate. Examples listed included presidents to scientists. The important thing to understand is the sanctity of the process. If I am an eligible nominator and someone forged my signature and nomination this is fraud. However, this could also be a political tactic towards the supposed fraud. Many assume Trump nominated himself. Realistically this is a possibility but it could also be an attempt at a proverbial nail in the coffin. The person who supposedly nominated him was contacted and denied the entry. Whoever did this is now being investigated by the FBI. The first nomination was placed last year but never made public. This year the committee decided to make the investigation public. This is not about political parties it is about losing trust in the process, the system. Think of each headline as a wedge between you and the body of people it represents. You take the information and simply make an opinion and distance yourself. In some cases, the information resonates with you and you bring it closer. Either way, you share the information with others. You condemn the negative and compliment the positive. At no point do you go the step further to verify the contents? That would be work. More so work you don’t get monetarily paid to do. People have been told to take those with titles and place them ahead of everyone and everything else. We have to assume they earned their education and their credentials. This is blind trust. I have a very strong opinion of people caught intentionally attempting to deceive others. The aftermath of this type of deception can rock a person to their foundation and core. When we start accepting fraudulent behaviors we punch a deep hole into our foundation. We pay a person to patch it up but don’t check their credentials. We sent in a knitter to do the job of a mason. Why? Because the knitter helped a cousin’s neighbors uncle one time by holding tools and now they are a mason.
Historically, a con man was the worse of the worse, untrustworthy to the core and now we call them clever. A voting system with flaws does make a President nor a Noble Peace Prize winner. I want to say that whoever did this needs to be publicly announced. A name to a face that we can sear into our mind for future’s to come. Les we forget. Yet, we also need to understand that we are no longer working in a bipartisan world. Everyone is attempting to make something out of themselves even from nothing. Think of your actions like throwing poison into a moving river, just because you are not being directly affected at your source does not mean you are not affecting the source. Finally, if it were YOU, would you not want to ensure that the information was accurate and credible?