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Robin Medicine

I had a dream where a Robin covered in snow was presenting itself. I knew that this was like the yawn that woke up Spring.

Unexpected changes and path’s have opened and closed so much so that I feel a bit lost. I am plugging away at school. I have received two Criminal Justice related scholarships since I started. I have passed my classes and feel that I have gained some useful insight. I also feel that I have brought a new perspective to my classmates as I am old enough to have birthed more than half.

I still do not know what this degree will bring but I am learning a lot about the CJ field. One thing that stands out is my basic self taught knowledge of the justice system. I have also recognized my deep respect, interest and insight into the law side of the CJ field. As well as the psychological aspects of the CJ field. I am open to what this new knowledge base brings for the future. But, what does the Robin have to do with any of this?

It’s about finding your own. Your own anything? The thing that makes you, you. The most important part of Robin’s medicine is riding the waves of opportunity. It’s choosing to find the lighter side of a dark situation. But, it does not mean to simply ignore the dark. The following information is pulled from the internet. The photo is not mine. I am invoking the energy of Spring. Now that Pachamama has plenty of snow to melt off for water I am confident she is ready to sprout. – Lisa

UPDATE: During a moment of reflection I became aware that though it may not “look like Spring” this may be the new version of it. The idea that season’s are blending into one, globally. Think of it as more of what places are “historically known for” but with drastic outcomes. It is not too far to speculate, from a non scholarly perspective, that we could be experiencing what has historically been the catastrophes that impact and force global change. Let me kindly reminder you that just because you are not witnessing or directly affected by something does not mean that you are not experiencing the impact on a different level. This is the the epitome of being mindful. – Lisa (3/4/2019)

Express your self positively to get what you want. Let them know how you feel.-Robin

Robin Meaning, and Messages

Robin signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. He teaches that any changes can be made with joy, laughter and a song in your heart. This bird shows you how to ride the winds of passion within your heart and become independent and self reliant through this change. The energy of this bird will teach you how to move forward with grace, tenacity, perseverance and assertion. Are you letting go of personal dramas? Ones that no longer serve your higher purpose? Are you exercising compassion and patience in mental, spiritual and emotional areas? This creature will teach how to incorporate new beginnings with faith and trust in the process. It is time to believe in yourself and use the inspiration that is given. Listen carefully. It is time sing your own song for a new period in your life.

Robin Totem, Spirit Animal

If Robin is your personal animal totem you have the ability to will new growth into your life at any given moment. All you have to do is make a wish, be patient, and watch how it comes true. You have the ability to find contentment in all types of circumstances and find pleasure in the simple things in life. Often you will have prophetic vision and your wisdom will be highly sought after by your peers.

Robin, Robin Meaning, Robin Totem, Robin Symbolism, Robin Dreams, Animal Messages, Animal Totems, Birds,
Robin, Robin Meaning, Robin Totem, Robin Symbolism, Robin Dreams, Animal Messages, Animal Totems, Birds,

Robin Dream Interpretation

To see this bird in your dream represents new beginnings. It is a time for growth. You are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you. Alternatively, a robin signifies self-sacrifice. The dream may also be a pun on someone whose name is Robin.

Robin, Robin Meaning, Robin Totem, Robin Symbolism, Robin Dreams, Animal Messages, Animal Totems, Birds,
Robin, Robin Meaning, Robin Totem, Robin Symbolism, Robin Dreams, Animal Messages, Animal Totems, Birds,

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